If you’re the type of rider who makes jokes about parked motorcycle syndrome during the winter, then you know just how strong the urge can be to get out for that first significant ride of the season. For those of us who don’t ride all winter long, it can be a serious distraction. One where you want to get other things done, but you just can’t stop feeling extra agitated because your bike is sitting there, waiting to go—even if you can’t get out and explore yet. 

Building up that kind of tension makes it all the sweeter when at last, you’re able to have your first good ride of the year. It’s even better on a new bike, of course (and by ‘new,’ we mean ‘new to you’), and that’s exactly what moto traveler Runa Grydeland shows us on her YouTube channel, Off She Goes.  

This video was shot in early April 2023, when temps were about eight or nine degrees Celsius while Grydeland was out riding her new Husqvarna Norden 901. For those keeping track in the Fahrenheit-using parts of the world, that’s about 46 to 48 degrees—which of course can feel significantly colder depending on how fast you’re going.  

Here, Grydeland takes us on a chill (and chilly) day trip to show off some gorgeous roads in Rogaland county, Norway. It’s her home country, and as she tells us in the video, she was stunned by the beauty of the area when she first moved here in 2019. That’s why she wanted to show viewers some of the natural beauty for themselves.  

It’s late winter/early spring, so of course the trees and plants aren’t in their full glory just yet. Still, there are plenty of mountains, fjords, and gorgeous (if somewhat gray and moody) views to appreciate, in addition to scoping out the beautiful roads that look made for motorcycling.  

Every once in a while, when she stops to share a point of interest, she also shows us some little bit of greenery starting to break through. We also see some baby lambs frolicking at one point, which is sure to put a smile on most peoples’ faces. Just ride and enjoy the show—and if that show happens to be a part of Norway that’s beautiful with or without greenery popping in high summer, so much the better. 

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