Maybe you’re stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic, or maybe you’re chained to a desk or stuck in an “essential” job. Maybe you live far away from the twisties and you can’t get out for a proper motorcycle rip as often as you’d like. Whatever the problem, we’ve got a mid-week escape for you here, riding Norway’s Trollstigen Pass with YouTuber The Missenden Flyer.

The Trollstigen Pass travels through the mountains of Norway’s Rauma Municipality. It’s well known for its gorgeous views, and it’s long had a reputation as a must-visit motorcycle destination for in-the-know travelers. Unfortunately for this YouTuber, he visits during tourist season, and that means he’s going to see a lot of buses. Mind you, it’s hard to visit out-of-season, as the pass closes in fall/winter since snowfall makes it unsafe, especially for motorcycles.

This footage actually came out of a 2018 trip, when The Missenden Flyer hooked up with Motorrad Tours and took his BMW R1200 GS from his home in Buckinghamshire to the Arctic Circle. Nice work, if you can get it—especially if you get to visit epic roads like this along the way.

Depending who you ask, the Trollstigen Pass has anywhere from 11 to 14 hairpin corners, with about 700 meters (2,300 feet) of elevation. The mountain roads on either side of the pass have fun corners as well, and amazing scenery, as long as your vision isn’t obscured by clouds. That’s what happens to The Missenden Flyer at the start, but there are worse problems to have. For instance, you could get constantly stuck behind slower-moving cars and vans, as you drop from the mountains along the narrow road.

If you’re on a motorcycle, at least it’s much easier to get past slowpokes. Just make sure your bike’s mechanically sound and your skills are up to the task before you head off for a ride like this. Your epic ride will turn out to be much less fun if you panic-fixate over the side of this tight roadway.

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