How are you spending your covidcation? Maybe you’re puttering around home, doing some wrenching on the bike, seeing how much junk food you can pack away before your riding gear no longer fits. If that just isn’t cutting it, you should try what Jamie Robinson is doing: take an exotic bike for a rip down a world-class road, that just happens to be close by. If your bike delivers a pulse-stirring exhaust note, all the better! 

Jamie Robinson is the guy behind MotoGeo, a YouTube channel that shares top-shelf motorcycle content. A former racer, Robinson travels around the world, riding beautiful bikes in beautiful places, and sharing his thoughts on moto-gear. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Robinson isn’t able to go too far from home these days. If you live in California like he does, though, that’s not really a problem. The Golden State might have the best roads in North America, and Robinson takes us along one of the SoCal’s most famous motorcycle playgrounds: Mulholland Highway, through the Santa Monica mountains, above LA. His bike of choice? A Norton Dominator. 

The new Dominator is basically made of unobtanium. Even before the plant closed down due to its much-publicized financial woes, the modern version of the Dominator had a short production run. Robinson borrowed this bike from Canyon Motorcycles, and says it’s the only one in California. That air/oil-cooled 961cc parallel twin provides the perfect soundtrack for this scenic ride, although Robinson does note it’s a bit loud. 

Robinson ends the day with a . It’s the perfect reminder that we all have some sort of riding opportunity close by, even if long-distance travel is out. Now’s our chance to make the best of it and explore local roads—even if they aren’t as gorgeous as California’s biker-heaven canyons, and even if we can’t get our hands on a rare British bike. Just remember to ride responsibly, but also remember, motorcycling is one of the best forms of social distancing. 

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