Remember our good buddy Jamie Robinson? Of course you do. He's the guy that rides all over the world and makes extremely cool videos about his adventures. One of my first assignments back in June was writing about his Tuscany adventure, and over the years we've watched him bomb around the Mojave Wasteland Desert, scramble around Italy, and generally have a fantastic time. In his latest video, Touring Thailand, our favorite Yorkshireman thrashes a Ducati Multistrada 950 around the Land of Smiles.

To start his adventure, Jamie flew into Chaing Mai to pick up his Multistrada. Then he joined up with a group from DART (Desmo Adventure Rides of Thailand) Asia Adventure Tours. DART Asia was started by an American ex-pat named Kevin who began giving motorcycle tours as a way of sharing his love of Thailand with others. Along with a pack of around a dozen friends, tourists, and representatives of Ducati Thailand, Jamie set out to explore Thailand's gorgeous northeast region and experience what the country had to offer.

Along the way, the group passed through a bunch of small country towns, ate at roadside cafes, tackled some challenging roads, drank a lot of coffee, and even visited the famous White Temple. Since it was the middle of July, which is high monsoon season in Thailand, Jamie and his riding buddies spent a lot of time getting rained on. While all the rain soaked their clothes it didn't dampen their spirits, and by the looks of it everyone had a killer time.

After the tour was over, Jamie hit the road on his own as the guys from Ducati Thailand headed back to Bangkok and the Americans headed home. While on his solo tour he hit a crazy-looking farmers market, planted rice by hand, ate some bugs, played checkers with kids, and generally got the full Thailand experience.

I won't spoil the ending for you, 'cause the video's only about a half an hour long and you should absolutely watch it.

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