YouTuber and electric motorcycle tourer Marc Travelers announced his around-the-world trip on September 11, 2022. Since then, he’s moseyed through the Scottish Highlands, the Italian Alps, and Africa’s Sahara Desert. After schlepping out of Albania and Greece, Mark and his significant other, Marie, headed into Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia.

Unfortunately, the pair bid adieu in the Balkan nation, as Marie flew home to host her sister for a month. That leaves the content creator without his trusty companion or a trail vehicle for the time being. Still, with miles to munch and the beautiful Bulgarian countryside awaiting Marc and his Zero SR/F, the YouTuber forges ahead, into the unknown.

To many, taking on such a task without the life raft of Marie’s Suzuki Jimny might seem like a daunting prospect. However, Marc’s too busy enjoying the scenery to sweat the small things (or potentially catastrophic things). And we can’t blame him. From onboard footage of the Zero gliding over glass-smooth pavement to awe-inspiring overhead shots, it’s easy to lose yourself in the picturesque landscape.

Even more surprising, the on-the-go creator achieves such high-quality footage despite traveling solo. As a two-wheeled, one-man production team, Marc still manages to capture drone footage. That extra b-roll not only fleshes out the video but also lends a sense of scope to the environment. Despite losing Marie for his Bulgarian journey, the YouTuber isn’t allowing his production value to dip as a result.

Especially when exploring the Prevala and Belogradchik regions, the bird’s eye view offers panoramic sights of stunning rock formations, rustic villages, and serpentine roadways. In such remote environs, one doesn’t expect to easily find charging stations. Yet, Marc conveniently locates a free plug-in point adjacent to his campsite. Even on his own, things are working out for the content creator.

Luckily, Marc plans to tour the surrounding area in the coming days. If he captures footage anywhere near the quality of his latest video, we can’t wait to see more of his solo Bulgarian travels.

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