The Trans Euro Trail (TET) opened in 2017 and was an immediate hit with adventure and dual-sport riders throughout The Continent. Inspired by the Trans America Trail in the United States, the 51,000-km (31,690-mile) route reaches 34 countries between Norway’s North Cape and Africa’s northern coast. With such a landmass to cover, the TET promises to shuttle riders to Europe's most “remote, diverse, and inspirational landscapes.”

The call of those awe-inspiring vistas and gravel roads is too much for YouTuber Off She Goes to resist. Content creator Runa is no rookie to the adventure touring game either. The Off She Goes channel offers a host of traveling content from solo Norwegian adventures to off-road riding in Spain to packing tutorials.

In Runa’s latest exploits, she takes to the Trans Euro Trail’s Norwegian leg aboard her Yamaha Tenere 700. After riding through the rain during the first installment and getting loose in the dirt through Finnskogen, Off She Goes set out to tackle the Jotunheimvegen section. Despite Runa date-stamping the trip as July 9, 2022, the weather doesn’t exactly scream summer heat wave.

Luckily, the video creator is also a well-prepared traveler, forging head-on into the frigid conditions with her trusty heated gear. Along the way, Runa’s footage puts the TET’s jaw-dropping scenery on full display, but it’s the unexpected bits that become the most memorable parts of any trip.

Whether it's tip-toeing past a pack of goats, grabbing a spontaneous bite to eat with a fellow traveler, or circumventing park gates, Off She Goes has plenty to remember about this stretch of the TET. Runa has no shortage of grand experiences at her fingertips too.

The TET’s Norwegian route transports riders to Geirangerfjorden, the country’s most famous fjord, while the Trollstigen portion offers challenging on-road riding. From wading across the Grimsbu Touristsenter to surmounting the Tronfjell Mountain’s nearly 5,500-foot peak, the TET presents endless opportunities for memorable moments.

While the community-maintained trail network has only been around for five years, Off She Goes wastes no time exploring its web of roads. With so much in store, we can’t wait to see where she goes next on her Norwegian TET trip.

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