Chris Birch shows you how it's done in his Idaho video. Along with the adventurer’s buddies, Birch saddled up on his bike to tackle easy dirt roads and unknown single tracks. 

If you don’t already know, Chris Birch is a renowned off-road coach who is the creator behind “Say No To Slow,” an “eighteen-episode online coaching series [that] is designed to take dirt bike riders through the core skills such as correct riding position, bike set up, cornering, hills, line selection, plus all the way through to obstacle crossings, jumps, wheelies, and hard enduro techniques.” 

On top of that, Birch is also a KTM rider, and for his little adventure trip in the mountains of Idaho, he saddled up on his KTM 890 Adventure R, a bike that plenty of riders regard as one of the best off-road ADVs out in the market today. While other bikes can be “better,” Birch uses KTM, and he did a darned good job at taking it through some gnarly single tracks with his friends on some dirt bikes prepped for adventure. 

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The video starts off easy with a wide dirt road. Following a few miles on the saddle, the group decided to take some unknown single tracks to explore a little more. Birch stated that the choice between easy dirt roads and unknown single tracks was an “easy decision,” a statement that is not commonly made by motorcyclists of lesser experience. 

Fast forward a bit, and you will see just how crazy things get on Birch’s detour with his friends. Even the dirt bikes struggled up the inclines and road of the single track. Birch looked like he struggled a lot with the weight of the bike, but it was all in a day’s work. 

Birch goes through tons of dirt, mud, and rocks, so much so that the KTM decided to lie on the dirt mid-way. Overall, the video’s quite entertaining with Birch providing predominantly single-syllable commentary all throughout. Couple that with the amazing views and the pro-level riding, and it’s likely enough to make any adventurer want to saddle up and tackle some trails. 

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