A lot of us enjoy riding our motorcycles with cameras attached either to our helmet, or somewhere on the bike itself. Indeed, having an action camera has a good number of benefits. It can come in handy in the event of an accident, or for insurance purposes. Plus, it's really cool to be able to look back on your footage as you ride.

Mount Your GoPro With Ease With Wunderlich's CamRacks Mounts
Mount Your GoPro With Ease With Wunderlich's CamRacks Mounts

That being said, finding the perfect camera mount for your motorcycle can be quite challenging, and sometimes, universal mounts simply don't do the trick. Luckily for those of you who ride BMWs, Wunderlich has come up with a solution for your action camera woes. It's called the Guard Concept CamRacks, and it's designed to securely hold your GoPro, and let you capture the best footage you possibly can. 

Wunderlich's CamRacks are available for nearly all of BMW's touring models, and attach to the base of the windscreen via brackets that are discreet and easy to install. More specifically, CamRacks can be fitted on the S 1000 XR, the brand's most powerful sport-tourer, as well as the long-distance K-series of tourers. Of course, the R 1250 GS doesn't miss out on the fun, and neither does the R 1250 RT and the R 1250 RS. The F-series of adventure bikes, namely the F 750 GS and F 850 GS get their own CamRacks, too. 

As is the case with all Wunderlich aftermarket accessories, the CamRacks are made to last, and command quite a premium. The camera mount is made out of CNC milled aluminum, and retail for 79.90 Euros, or the equivalent of $81 USD, for the S 1000 XR, as well as the F-series of GS adventure bikes. The price can go all the way up to 99.90 Euros, making out to around $101 USD, for the R 1250 GS.  The new CamRacks are available on Wunderlich's official website, along with tons of other BMW-specific aftermarket upgrades. 

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