Middleweight naked bikes are among the most versatile platforms out there. This is especially true when it comes to today’s crop of performance-oriented machines. When looked at in the context of the Asian market, these bikes are small enough to be practical city-slickers, while more than powerful enough to provide a confidence inspiring ride on the open road, twisty roads, and the race track.

The Triumph Street Triple is undoubtedly a perfect example of this. Built on the potent and razor-sharp Daytona platform, this sporty naked bike has been a mainstay of Triumph’s lineup for more than a decade now. In its 2023 guise, it goes without saying that it’s better than ever before. Speaking of which, Triumph has just launched the 2023 Street Triple in the Malaysian market, commanding a price tag starting at RM59,900, or about $12,961 USD. For reference, the 2023 Street Triple carries a price tag of $9,995 USD in the U.S. market.

2023 Triumph Street Triple RS - Side, Right
2023 Triumph Street Triple RS - Right Side Engine Closeup

Like before, the 2023 Street Triple range is divided into two segments – R and RS. The R is the more affordable version, but is by no means a slouch when it comes to performance. It’s powered by the same 765cc, liquid-cooled, inline three-cylinder engine tuned to produce 118 horsepower. The RS, meanwhile, sets itself apart with improved tuning resulting in a max output of 128 horsepower. It also flaunts a fully adjustable Showa front fork and an Ohlins rear monoshock. That said, it’s more expensive at RM73,900, translating to about $15,990 USD. Over in the States, the Street Triple RS retails for $12,995 USD.

For 2023, Triumph has turned the Street Triple’s capability up to eleven. Previous iterations missed out on the comprehensive suite of technology found on the 2023 models. Now, both the Street Triple R and RS are equipped with a six-axis IMU, providing enhanced rider aids such as cornering ABS and lean-sensitive traction control. There are also multiple riding modes consisting of Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider. The RS model gets a performance-focused Track mode, as well.

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