With the riding season in full swing, I’m sure that quite a few of you have already planned some camping trips aboard your two-wheelers. Indeed, gearing up for multi-day adventures with accommodations in place is challenging as it is. However, the difficulty increases substantially when you’ve got to take your accommodations along with you on your bike – I’m talking about moto camping.

Luckily, Janaki previously wrote an article explaining how to carry absolutely anything on your bike. As such, this tent from a company called Wingman of the Road should be a walk in the park to strap onto your motorcycle. Well, it should be, because it was designed specifically for moto camping. Of course, as is the case with all things motorcycle-related, space-saving is the name of the game. The Goose tent presents itself as a lightweight yet versatile option for adventurers looking to maximize their camping trips.

Wingman Of The Road’s Goose Is The Perfect Tent For Your Camping Adventures

For starters, it’s made out of a thick and durable 420g waterproof canvas. Part of its unique design is the fact that it uses your motorcycle as a part of its structure. Thanks to that design element, it can get away with minimal framing. Of course, it’s by no means a full-size tent, but more like a spacious sleeping bag. It does, however, offer much more comfort and space than a sleeping bag. Furthermore, there are moto-centric amenities such as a helmet hook and ventilation windows.

The kit includes a high-density foam mattress and a down comforter for colder weather, but of course, you’re free to mix and match other items to achieve either a lighter-weight setup, or one that’s better capable of handling cold weather. Measuring two meters long, 70 centimeters high, and 75 centimeters wide, the Goose should offer adequate sleeping space for folks of all sizes, but is predominantly designed for solo riders.

When folded up, your entire sleeping quarters measure just 63 centimeters by 34 centimeters; compact enough to be strapped onto the back of even the smallest two-wheeler. It also weighs just 10 kilograms, so there really isn’t much heavy lifting in the picture. As for pricing and availability, Wingman of the Road sells the Goose moto tent for 389.95 Euros, or approximately $417 USD.

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