Following years of building bikes in a small workspace, Brick House Builds is going into a bigger and better location to call home. It’s “finally” happening! 

About a year ago, Brick House Builds posted a shop makeover video on its YouTube channel. The current setup of the shop was enough to bring Brick House Builds up to its current standing, but now the brand is ready to move on to bigger and better things. The 12x18 meter single-car garage was the home of the shop for quite some time, and now with a larger space in the mix, bigger custom projects are on the horizon for this brand. In addition to its motorcycles. 

“Many do not know that I had a larger workspace before my small current setup which is a 12x18 single-car garage. I have needed a larger space for so long and this is going to allow so much epic stuff to happen. A huge change will be the space allowing me to be far more efficient in getting things done. I currently have my projects in a separate location, my shop in another, and my merch shipping in my basement. Having everything in one spot will save multiple hours per week just in moving things.  I feel this will also showcase the level I have been working on much better than my small garage. This will simply be amazing and I can't wait to bring you all along.” 

For now, the place looks pretty bare, and the building needs good furnishing before the Brick House Builds brand can call it home. Not only will the new building house the projects and enable more things to be done, but merchandising plus other operations will also be housed in this bigger space. There is also a second floor that will serve as a hangout area that will be able to host cool display items and can even entertain guests for bike nights and more. 

The place looks really interesting from the front, but there is also a back area that is going to serve as a warehouse area that will be able to handle a big mess.

As for the initial plan, there is a “little ways to go” setting up the shop. The frontage will be the first thing to get set up, then followed by the back of the house. Once the workshop/warehouse gets finished, Brick House Builds will move full-time to its new area. Congratulations on the new place!

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