Here’s an interesting build from Brick House Builds. Right now, it’s probably being enjoyed by its owner, but here’s a video from Brick House’s YouTube channel, for a little walk around/ride around with the bike before it was turned over. 

The project started with a stock Suzuki GN400, a charming single-cylinder motorcycle with roots in the old Suzuki SP400 models. The GN400 was a small-capacity cruiser that was developed and sold by Suzukli back in the 80s. The single-cylinder motor, once upon a time, made 27 horsepower. At some point, it went toe-to-toe with Yamaha’s SR400, but unfortunately for Suzuki, one achieved cult status, while the GN stayed a still good but lesser-known alternative. 

Because the base bike was already a cruiser from the factory, it was up to Brick House Builds to extend its personality and clean up many things with the motorcycle. I’m super impressed with the cable management that was done to this motorcycle. Check on the video’s 3:27 time stamp to see just how nicely the wiring harness is laid out. The bike’s running on a lithium battery which is stuck in front of the rear wheel, leaving a nice window underneath the seat for that signature custom style. On top of that (literally), the seat has a quick-release latch which allows for easy access to the electronics.  

Other parts of the build include a pair of custom-fabricated handlebars done in the club-style to match the seat. The tank wasn’t actually touched, in fact, it already came like that, giving the bike a bit of a bratty personality. 

The tires are a set of Firestone Deluxes that aesthetically match the bike. Kinda square compared to a modern motorcycle tire, but it matches the GN’s personality well. 

While the bike’s in total working order, you might have noticed (if you’re watching or have watched the video) that there is no gauge cluster. Though, at about 27 horsepower or less, you probably won’t get into too much trouble. If it were me, I’d slap on a Quadlock or something to put my phone on so I’ll at least get a GPS speedometer going. 

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