When it comes to the word of off-road, few manufacturers hold as much acclaim as Husqvarna. The brand has built a solid reputation for itself in the world of motocross and enduro, long before it was acquired by KTM's parent company Pierer mobility. Over the course of its existence, the Swedish brand has exchanged hands several times, but has more or less been in continuous production since its founding in 1903. 

Husqvarna Unleashes 2022 Svartpilen And Vitpilen With New Colors

Indeed, in 2023, Husqvarna will be celebrating its 120th anniversary, and despite its seniority in the world of two wheels, the brand shows absolutely zero signs of slowing down. Ever since KTM purchased Husqvarna in 2013, the Swedish brand had received a new lease on life, with new models rolling out left and right. More recently, the brand has dazzled adventure enthusiasts with the launch of the Norden 901, a rugged and stylish adventure bike based on the KTM 890 Adventure. 

Speaking of KTM, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer announced that it would be returning to EICMA in 2023, following a three-year absence. With quite a lot in store for the global market, now is the opportune moment for KTM to rejoin the biggest motorcycle expo in the world. We particularly look forward to models like the 890 SMT. That being said, at the time of the announcement, KTM made no mention of Husqvarna. This time around, however, it's been confirmed that Husky will be making a comeback alongside KTM. 

In a similar fashion to KTM, 2023 is certainly a big year for Husqvarna. As mentioned, it's the brand's 120th anniversary, but it also updated a lot of its models for the 2024 model year – all of which will undoubtedly be given their chance to shine at EICMA 2023. For instance, the 2024 Enduro and Motocross models are all sure to be showcased, and so, too will the Norden 901 and 901 Expedition, as well as the 701 Enduro and Supermoto models. 

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