We've seen countless knockoff bikes from China imitating more established models in the hopes of riding on their popularity. Due to the extremely lax intellectual property laws in China, a lot of these copycats get away with cosplaying as their heroes provided that they stay within the confines of the Chinese market. That being said, there's a new copycat on the block, and this time, it's the spitting image of the Peugeot Django. 

Before we dive into the Southern Motorcycle Feigo 150, let's first take a look at the Peugeot Django. Chances are, if you're living in the US, then the Django is a motorcycle you've never heard of before. One of the most popular models of French brand Peuegeot, the Django is sort of like a retro-style commuter scooter occupying the same space as some Vespa models. It's characterized by its elegant body panels, long wheelbase, and low-slung design. I've ridden the Django on numerous occasions, as it's a rather popular lifestyle scooter here in the Philippines, and I can say that it's a fairly impressive machine.

Peugeot Motocycles Officially Enters The Philippines

The real Peugeot Django 150 I got to ride some time ago. 

Now, as for the Southern Motorcycle Feigo 150, I have no idea whether this is some sort of a joint-venture, or the Chinese brand outright copied everything about the Django. On top of all that, Southern Motorcycle threw in all sorts of technology that seem a bit overkill for a scooter of this nature. For example, the Feigo 150 gets a keyless system, as well as heated grips. If that's not enough, the manufacturer even threw in a start-stop system, smartphone pairing, traction control, and real-time GPS monitoring. 

On the performance side of the equation, the Feigo 150 is packing a 150cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine from yet another Chinese manufacturer you may be familiar with – Loncin. With 13 horsepower and 9.5 pound-feet of torque on tap, it should make for quite a decent commuter.

This Chinese Scooter Is A Peugeot Django 150 Clone

The copycat in question. 

The most interesting part just has to be its price. In China, it's priced at 14,980 Yuan, which makes out to about 2,168 USD. For reference, that's about half the price of the Django, and given that the Feigo 150 claims to offer twice as many features for half the price, well, I'm sure they cut a heck of a lot of corners building this scooter. 

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