All over the world, manufacturers are hard at work in developing new and exciting electric platforms to satisfy the ever-growing demand for more sustainable mobility. While most mainstream players have initiatives geared towards electrification in the near future, some brands, particularly those from China, want to get a headstart, and are already presenting their new electric models.

One such brand is Loncin. One of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in China, Loncin is a brand you may be indirectly familiar with thanks to a partnership with BMW. Ever since the F 850 and F 900 series of bikes were launched, the manufacturing of the engines of these bikes was handled by Loncin. Over in the European market, Loncin has also established a strong foothold via its premium sub-brand Voge. This time around, the Chinese brand is charging things up with Bicose, an all-electric sub-brand, bicose why not?

Loncin Goes Electric With New Bicose Real 5T Electric Scooter

Now, in June, 2022, Bicose announced its very first model, the Real 5T electric scooter. At that time, all it presented were design sketches of the bike with features and specs up for speculation. This time around, Bicose has made known the entirety of the scooter’s spec sheet, and it goes without saying that it’ll be a major hit in the European market, provided it’s priced right. Unfortunately, pricing and availability information has yet to be revealed, but at least we know what to expect from the Real 5T.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been designed as a 125cc-equivalent in terms of performance. The 125cc segment of scooters is undeniably the most popular beginner-friendly platform owing to its practicality, versatility, and ease of use. After all, not all two-wheeler riders are in it for sport. A scooter like the Real 5T could very well serve as a city-dweller’s only vehicle—shuttling them to and from the office, while at the same time hauling groceries and going on quick trips on the weekends.

Loncin Goes Electric With New Bicose Real 5T Electric Scooter
Loncin Goes Electric With New Bicose Real 5T Electric Scooter

The Bicose Real 5T is powered by a centrally mounted electric motor which sends power to the rear wheel via a belt drive. Performance-wise, it’ll have to be limited to peak output of 15 horsepower, although a torque output of 389 Nm, or around 272 lb-ft, will surely make for some snappy acceleration. Top speed is claimed to be at 115 kilometers per hour, or around 71 miles per hour. Diving a bit deeper into the technology, we find two non-removable 89V, 27Ah lithium batteries housed in the bottom of the frame. While this makes for a stable ride owing to its low center of gravity, it’s a bit disappointing that the batteries can’t be removed, meaning swappable battery tech is out of the question.

Nevertheless, the Bicose Real 5T promises a pretty impressive range of up to 240 kilometers—that’s 149 miles on a single charge. The scooter also comes equipped with a built-in 1.84 kW charger compatible with CCS Type 2 sockets. This translates to zero to 80-percent changing in just two hours. As for electronics, the Real 5T gets three driving modes, traction control, automatic warning lights, and even a nifty reverse gear for convenient maneuvering in tight parking spaces. It also gets a built-in charging port for your smartphone.

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