You may be familiar with Loncin, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that has made a name for itself all over the world. Loncin has formed strategic partnerships with a good number of mainstream manufacturers to produce engines and other components for them. The company also released Voge, a premium sub-brand responsible for affordable middleweight bikes in the European market.

As is the case with nearly all manufacturers these days, Loncin, too, is dabbling in the word of electric. In similar fashion as to what it did with Voge, Loncin has launched yet another sub-brand in the form of Bicose. Bicose will be in charge of all of Loncin’s electric initiatives, and it looks like they’ve gone straight to work. The brand is expected to release its very first electric scooter in the form of the Real 5T very soon.

At a glance, the Bicose Real 5T looks eerily familiar. It reminds me of Honda’s ADV150 adventure scoot because of the lines and body panels. The front fascia, in particular, looks like it was styled to suit the growing ADV scooter trend. All that being said, it’s safe to say that the most common it has with its Japanese rivals is its looks, as underneath the bodywork, the Real 5T is the first of its kind.

Loncin Set To Launch Bicose Real 5T, Its First Electric Scooter

While we do know that the Bicose Real 5T is a fully electric two-wheeler, Loncin has yet to reveal the official specifications of the bike. As such, we can’t say for sure just how much range and power the Real 5T can offer. What we do know is that the Real 5T makes use of a mid-mounted electric motor with a belt drive, and can hit a top speed of around 60 miles per hour.

It’s also known that Loncin is throwing in a whole host of practical, premium features into the new e-scooter. For starters, a large TFT display, a 30-liter under-seat compartment, and a laterally-mounted, preload-adjustable rear monoshock all come standard. To offer better balance and a confidence-inspiring ride, the battery has been situated at the central tunnel—in between the rider’s legs—for a low center of gravity.

Overall, the Bicose Real 5T is looking like a promising prospect in the electric scooter game. We’ll have to wait and see, though, as Loncin is expected to officially launch the brand, as well as the scooter, in the coming weeks. It’ll certainly be interesting to see the company’s plans of exporting the scooter to numerous parts of the globe.

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