Voge, the premium brand name of Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Loncin, has gained popularity across Europe thanks to its affordable price tag and attractive styling. Operating under the A2 license segment, Voge sells small to mid-displacement motorcycles within the range of 300 to 650cc. The company’s model range covers a variety of platforms, too, with naked bike, scrambler, and adventure bike options available in the market.

Could A New Voge 525R Be Hitting The European Market Soon?

Given the ongoing success of the brand, particularly in Europe, the company has announced that it will be updating its 500cc platform, likely to produce more power via an increase in displacement. The engine currently found in Voge’s 500cc model range is a 472cc parallel-twin motor which bears a similar architecture to that of Honda’s parallel-twin found in the CB500 and Rebel 500 street bikes. Churning out around 45 horsepower, Voge’s 500cc range of motorcycles fall well within the A2 motorcycle license class across Europe.

This could all be about to change, however, as the Chinese manufacturer has teased an update to the engine. The teaser shows a logo for what seems to be an upcoming model dubbed the 525R. This definitely hints at a slightly larger engine which will likely be capable of eking out just a bit more power—maybe somewhere within the 50 horsepower range. What’s more is that the teaser also includes an image of the new crankcase and cylinder head. Other details of the new platform have yet to be revealed. However, it isn’t unlikely that this new engine will gradually replace Voge’s 500cc range of motorcycles.

Could A New Voge 525R Be Hitting The European Market Soon?

Apart from Europe, the company has begun making its presence felt in multiple Asian countries, as well. With motorcycles in the region becoming bigger and more powerful, it isn’t really surprising that Loncin is investing in improving the performance of its motorcycles. For the European market, however, this could mean that the Voge 500 range of bikes will now fall outside the A2 category. That being said, it shouldn’t be too difficult to outfit the bikes with a restrictor kit, similar to what we find in learner-spec middleweight bikes like the Yamaha MT-07 and Kawasaki Z650.

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