When riding on track or on the street during the summer, safety is the name of the game, but comfort also goes a long way in ensuring that you have the energy to go the distance. This is especially true on track where riding gear consists of a full leather suit. Of course, gear like this can be hot, leading you to sweat quite a lot, making things sticky and extremely uncomfortable.

This is where base layers come into play. Indeed, while it may seem counterproductive to add an additional layer when trying to keep cool, base layers can actually help keep you more comfy underneath your racing or touring suit. The extra layer is almost always made out of a technical fabric with moisture wicking capabilities, while preventing chafing and sticking of your sweaty skin with the inner lining of your suit.

French Gear Brand Ixon Launches New Underground Technical Underwear

French gear and equipment specialist Ixon recently launched its new sportbike-focused set of base layers called the Underground range. The summer-focused base layers are intended to keep riders cool and dry underneath their racing suits during the hot summer months. As mentioned earlier, they’re made out of a technical fabric that’s incredibly lightweight, breathable, and has moisture-wicking capabilities. The kit consists of a jersey and underpants, and it minimizes skin contact with your suit, allowing you to ride longer and keep you and the interior of your racing or touring suit fresh for longer.

Diving into the technical details just a bit, the Ixon Underground range is made out of a stretchy nylon and elastane fabric. It’s meant to fit like a second skin with compression zones at the wrists, ribs, lower back, and ankles. Similar to athletic wear, these are designed to improve circulation and blood flow, offering optimum endurance and performance. The undersuit also features a seamless design for maximum comfort. The Underground is equipped with a pull-on zip at the chest and crotch, making it easy to wear and remove before and after track sessions or touring rides.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Ixon Underground suit is offered in sizes ranging from XS all the way to 2XL. It’s available in either a full undersuit for 119.99 Euros ($132 USD), or as a jersey or leggings for 59.99 Euros ($66 USD) a piece.

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