Even though we're still a few months away from summer, some gear and equipment manufacturers have already begun rolling out their collections for when the hotter months roll around. This is particularly useful for folks like me who live in tropical climates, as well as folks who just want to do some advanced shopping. 

One of these brands is Macna, a popular gear label from the Netherlands. Known for its subtle stylish designs, geared towards adventurous and touring-focused rides, the brand has released the Bombar ventilated riding pants as part of its summer collection. The pants are composed of strong synthetic Engrener and Twill textiles, and are inspired by conventional cargo pants, which have grown in popularity in the two-wheeled world due to their utility and style. This model's notable feature is the addition of extensive mesh panels in the thighs, shins, and below the legs, which allows riders to stay cool both on and off the bike.

In terms of safety technology, aramid fiber reinforcements are used in the sections of the Bombar pants that are most likely to come into contact with the ground. This increases their abrasion resistance and decreases the chance of injury in the unlikely event of a crash. The pants also have CE-certified level 1 knee protectors that are height adjustable to ensure optimum fit and protection for the wearer. There are also compartments for optional hip protectors, that can be installed for added protection. The pants are PPE certified class A in accordance with the EN17092:2020 standard.

The Macna Bombar summer pants are not only protective, but also functional and fashionable. They have two front pockets and two rear pockets for easy storage of personal items. The pants also include a waist adjustment band and belt loops for a comfortable and secure fit. Macna offers the Bombar pants in two hues – black and brown – allowing customers to choose the one that best matches their own style. They cost 259.95 Euros, which is around $284 USD. 

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