With the release of its latest middleweight naked bike, the CB750 Hornet in the fall of 2022, Honda took the middleweight naked segment by storm. Because of its low price, great performance, and cutting-edge technology when compared to its competitors (I'm looking at you, Yamaha MT-07), the bike has become a favorite in its class. As a result, despite its relatively recent arrival into the market, it has earned significant aftermarket support.

SW-Motech, a German parts and accessories manufacturer that’s known for its wide selection of accessories for all sorts of bikes, has released a variety of new accessories for the new Japanese naked sportbike. Luggage racks, lever guards, handguards, crash guards, axle sliders, and an engine protector are among the products available from the brand, and all of these allow you to configure this versatile naked bike any way you please.

SW-Motech Introduces Tons Of Accessories For The Honda CB750 Hornet

SW-Motech's Street luggage rack, which costs 195 Euros or $216 USD, is meant to hold a variety of luggage accessories including top cases and soft bags, and keep your belongings safe and sound during your trip. Meanwhile, the new lever guards include wind deflectors, giving the sporty naked bike a supermoto flair while safeguarding the brake and clutch levers in case of a drop. These are available for 150 Euros (about $166.45 USD). The Kobra handguards, on the other hand, protect the levers during a collision while also deflecting wind and rain away from your hands. These are significantly less expensive at 120 Euros ($133 USD).

When it comes to protection, SW-Motech's tubular steel crash guard protects the engine and bodywork of the bike and is coated with hard-wearing epoxy paint. It costs 210 Euros, which is around $233 USD. A set of front axle sliders that safeguard your fork in the case of an accident or slide costs an extra 60 Euros ($66.58 USD). Finally, an aluminum engine shield protects the oil sump of the CB750 Hornet from damage caused by rocks, debris, and uneven terrain. While the engine guard's price hasn't yet been released, it is certain to be an important upgrade for folks looking to go touring with the new CB750 Hornet.

Apart from the items listed above, SW-Motech has many more accessories for the Honda CB750 Hornet, as well as nearly all other motorcycles in the market. For more info on these, be sure to check out the brand's official website linked below. 

SW-Motech Introduces Tons Of Accessories For The Honda CB750 Hornet
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