BMW’s R 18 cruiser comes from the factory with a classic look. While many American V-Twin competitors search for ways to contemporize the cruiser platform, the Bavarians fully embrace the timeless aspects of the category. However, some customers aspire to take the R 18’s bobber aesthetics even further. For them, Wunderlich presents accessory fenders and fairings to complete the throwback style.

Leaning into BMW’s Rock and Roll ride modes, the German aftermarket specialists bring the RockBob front and rear fenders to the market. Wunderlich hand-crafts both mudguards from aluminum on an English Wheel. The bygone process yields a simple yet refined shape that complements the R 18 stripped-down motif.

Up front, the fender measures 20.8 inches in length and 5.5 inches in width. The minimalist form also benefits from strut mounting, which attaches to the R 18’s telescopic fork with four fasteners. Out back, the bobbed fender follows suit with a four-point attachment. However, users will forego any two-up riding with the swingarm-mounted bodywork. The stylish piece also includes two stainless steel mounts to accommodate 3-in-1 taillight units.

BMW R 18 Wunderlich Bobber Accessories - Rear Fender
BMW R 18 Wunderlich Bobber Accessories - Front Fender

When it comes to Wunderlich’s Cockpit Fairing, the firm constructs the streamlined nacelle from high-grade ABS plastic. The handlebar-mounted fairing fits snuggly over the front headlight, giving the classic cruiser a sporty silhouette. With its 13.4-inch width, 16.9-inch height, and 13.4-inch depth, the Cockpit Fairing provides a modicum of wind protection but exponentially enhances the R 18’s style.

Wunderlich offers the Cockpit Fairing in nine different color variations with a starting price of $678.95. The RockBob Fenders come in as many paint schemes, but the front unit commands a $538.95 price tag while the rear tin goes for $665.95. If you’re an R 18 honor that wants a custom bobber look without all the custom, hand-made work involved, Wunderlich’s new accessories are an ideal option.

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