SW-Motech is one of the most popular brands when it comes to moto-specific luggage and aftermarket accessories designed for protection. The brand has a wide selection of products designed specifically for the most popular bikes in the market. Its newest product lineup is engineered specifically for Ducati's newest adventure-enduro, the DesertX. 

The new accessories range from SW-Motech is designed to better equip the Ducati DesertX for the long haul, and outfits the burly adventurer with enhanced crash protection, luggage mounting points, and even a centerstand for more convenient on-the-go maintenance. For starters, the upper crash bar is made out of steel tubing finished in black powder coating. This protects the bike's otherwise exposed fairings and lower fuel tank, as well as the upper part of the engine and radiator. 

SW-Motech Introduces New Accessories For The Ducati DesertX

Moving on, SW-Motech's new engine guard is constructed out of a four-millimeter-thick aluminum plate. Mounted right beneath the engine, the engine guard protects the oil sump and front cylinder of the engine from damage resulting from scraping or hitting the bottom of the engine on rocks and ruts while riding off-road. The engine guard is installed via existing mounts, and conveniently features a hole to easily access the engine oil drain plug.  

Moving on to the front of the bike, SW-Motech also outfits the Ducati DesertX with front axle sliders which protect the front fork of the bike in the event of a tip over or slide. Constructed out of polypropylene shells, the sliders are replaceable, allowing for extended service life. SW-Motech has also introduced a water pump protector CNC-milled from aluminum alloy and anodized for a sleek, OEM-plus look. Like all other components, it attaches to the bike via existing mounting points, making for a quick and straightforward install. 

SW-Motech Introduces New Accessories For The Ducati DesertX
SW-Motech Introduces New Accessories For The Ducati DesertX

Rounding up the list of accessories for the Ducati DesertX are the center stand and sidestand foot extender, both of which designed to provide added stability for the bike when parked. The center stand also makes it easier to do maintenance – such as adjusting the chain and cleaning the rear wheel – while on the go. Meanwhile, the sidestand foot extender makes parking in gravel and off-road terrain much safer. 

SW-Motech's new accessories for the Ducati DesertX acan all be viewed via SW-Motech's official website linked below, as well as through authorized SW-Motech resellers across the globe. Do note, however, that pricing and availability may vary depending on the region. 

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