It’s April 10, 2023—and if you’re a rider in the northern hemisphere, spring is finally starting to break through the gloom. If you live in a place where there’s winter weather, right now, chances are excellent that bikes all around you are firing up for the first time after their long winter’s nap.  

Just in time to celebrate, the 2023 Bike Shed Moto Show is right around the corner at London’s Tobacco Dock. From Friday, May 26 (preview only) through Sunday, May 28, 2023, the BSMS will showcase over 300 curated custom motorcycles from all over the world. It’s invitation-only, and is currently Europe’s largest independent annual motorcycle show—so if you’re unfamiliar, it’s an experience like no other.  

Live music, art, photography, and plenty of delicious food and drink will also be available. London’s Tobacco Docks offers brilliant hospitality in all its many forms, from chillout spaces dockside to a traditional barbershop and tattoo artists making a different kind of art throughout the weekend.  

While this is a show based around some of the most striking custom motorcycles that the BSMC has seen, it’s a show that’s not only for riders. Billed as an extremely family-friendly event, organizers each year plan it as a great time for everyone who attends, whether they ride or not. Do you have to sculpt, paint, or be a pro photographer to enjoy seeing art that moves you? Do you have to be a musician to appreciate great live music? Absolutely not, so why can’t non-riders enjoy some amazing custom motorcycles that they get to see in person? 

Advance tickets are already on sale as of April 10, 2023, via the official Bike Shed Moto Show London 2023 page on events ticketing site Universe. We’ll include a link in our Sources so you can check it out and order your tickets if you already know that you want to attend. Organizers encourage early ticket purchases, both because the early bird prices are cheaper and also because it helps them more accurately plan the resources (food, drink, etc.) that they’ll need to cover the expected crowd during the event. 

As of April 10, 2023, tickets range from £26.49 (about $33) to £39.49 (about $49). The VIP/Press Ticket is the more expensive one; only 3,000 will be sold in total, and they will not be available at the door. It covers the Friday evening preview (with one free drink), as well as re-entry on Saturday and Sunday of the show. The Standard Weekend Ticket is the less expensive one, and is available for multiple entries by one person on Saturday and/or Sunday. Children under the age of 16 get in for free and do not require tickets. 

The Tobacco Docks location offers accessibility for disabled visitors via the dockside entrance. Disabled visitors who need helpers can get free access for their helpers to see the show. Also, guide dogs are allowed at the show. 

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