If you’re the kind of rider who’s always looking to enhance—and maybe even increase—your riding skillset, and you’re planning to spend any time in Italy in 2023, then you might want to familiarize yourself with DRE Riding Academy.  

Short for “Ducati Riding Experience,” the DRE Riding Academy currently offers a total of five different courses to up your road, track, and adventure riding skills, all while using bikes from the current Ducati lineup to do it. There’s something for riders of all levels, including younger riders who may just be getting the hang of riding in the first place. 

For riders 18 to 25, and who already have A2 licenses, the DRE Rookie course offers riders the chance to learn basic riding theory and techniques on Ducati’s 35-kilowatt range of bikes. That includes the SuperSport 950, Monster, Hypermotard 950, and Scrambler. This course has bookings available in May, June, and September, 2023, and costs just € 250 (about $270 at the time of writing). It takes place at the Modena circuit. 

For those who’ve still got love for the streets, DRE Road Academy offers beginner, amateur, and expert-level instruction in riding technique on the full range of Ducati motorbikes (except Panigales). Up to 36 people will learn both theory and practical applications of these skills, all in the comfort and safety of the Modena circuit. Course registrations are currently open in May, June, and September, 2023, and will run you € 650 (or about $701). 

If you’re looking to enhance your track skills, DRE Track Warm Up Academy is a good place to start. It sets up the basics of track riding, and is aimed strictly at track amateurs. (A more advanced DRE course is also available for more advanced riders, which will be covered below this one.) 

The Track Warm Up Academy allows amateurs to learn and refine basic track skills using the whole range of current Ducati bikes, including the Panigale V2. This will include a theory briefing hosted by Ducati technical director Dario Marchetti. Currently, there is a single course with registration still open in 2023, in June. The cost is € 990, or about $1,068. 

For more advanced track riders, DRE Racetrack Academy is the place to grow your track skills if you’re an amateur, expert, or even pro-level track rider. Both group and one-on-one courses are available within this program, which is quite broad to serve a number of different levels of track-focused riding. Prices range based on your experience level, as well as whether it’s a group class or a one-on-one session. Limited openings for different levels are available in June and September, 2023, with all training taking place at the Misano World Circuit.  

As of March 22, 2022, only the September 27, 2023 date still has amateur-level openings in the Racetrack Evo and Racetrack Evo2 courses available. All other dates only have openings for more advanced riders. Prices range from € 1.450 (about $1,564) for the Evo-level course, up to € 7,000 (about $7,548) for the One-to-One Superleggera V4 course. Not all levels of racetrack course currently have availability for all dates in 2023, as many have already reached capacity. 

Last but not least, DRE Adventure Academy takes students out to explore Tuscany and the region around Nipozzano Castle, all while learning theory and techniques astride the Multistrada V4 Rally, Multistrada V4, and DesertX. Groups will be broken up based on their skill levels, to keep riders of similar level and comfort together for the best learning environment. Official Ducati tester and rider Andrea Rossi will be teaching this course, bringing his years of enduro and rally experience to the table. As of March 22, 2023, dates for this course are still open in July and September, 2023, and will run you € 950, or about $1,024. 

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