Shepherding an electric motorcycle from the drawing board to the showroom is no small feat. Just ask Savic Motorcycles. The Australian startup first showed off its C-Series prototype in 2018. Since then, the model continued to evolve as Savic pursued investment partners to help usher the C-Series from concept to reality.

In October, 2021, Savic secured a grant from Australia’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre – a tax-funded government initiative that invests in Aussie-grown businesses – to move the C-Series into production. Now, with the firm aiming to deliver the first 250+ units to pre-ordering customers, Savic partners with Equitise to launch a new equity crowdfunding campaign.

For those unfamiliar with the practice, equity crowdfunding allows fans and customers to purchase shares in the company. That investment aids the brand’s future goals. In Savic’s case, that includes increasing production capacity, decreasing manufacturing costs, developing new products, and establishing distribution in key international markets such as New Zealand, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Of course, that’s in addition to delivering the first C-Series units.

Courting investors, the brand asserts that its “advanced platform technology is [its] competitive advantage with [its] proprietary powertrain design and modular motorcycle architecture, [its] cloud-connected vehicle and mobile technology and integrated smartphone app.” Given the company’s experience and track record, it believes its “well positioned to disrupt the electric motorcycle market.”

Savic prepared for this moment for some time as well. The West Melbourne-based startup announced new colors, a clothing line, and a refreshed website just before accepting the Victorian Premier’s Design Award for the C-Series in March, 2022.

Now, Savic founder Dennis Savic hopes the new crowdfunding effort helps secure the brand’s future. Those eager to invest in the Australian startup can register their interest at the dedicated Equitise webpage (see Sources below). Shepherding an electric motorcycle from the drawing board to the showroom may be no small feat, but with a little help from friends, Savic aims to finally launch the C-Series in the near future.

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