Murtas Motorcycles is a new player in the electric motorcycle game in Europe. Murtas operates out of its headquarters in Pierrelatte near Montélimar in France, and is headed by Patrice Murtas, responsible for the entry of the Super Soco brand in French soil back in 2021. Given France's tightening restriction on gasoline-powered machines—especially in urbanized areas like Paris, electric two-wheelers pose an enticing solution. 

Murtas Motorcycles opened its doors in the beginning of 2023, and now, just three months in, the brand has hit the ground running with two electric scooter models called the MX1 and MX2. Differentiated by their battery options, both models offer similar levels of performance as that of traditional 125cc internal-combustion scooters

Kicking things off with the MX2, this scooter is designed primarily as an urban companion. Equipped with a flat floorboard and ample under-seat storage, the bike can be used for commuting to work, while running a few errands along the way. The flat floorboard makes it convenient for you to stow your quick-access bags, or some paper bags filled with baguettes on the way home. Other features include a windscreen to protect you against windchill, LED lights, a top case bracket, and a USB charging port.

French E-Mobility Firm Mutras Debuts Two New Electric Scooters

The MX1, on the other hand, offers all the same technology and features, but is offered with only one battery pack. While two 5.76 kilowatt-hour batteries offer the MX2 up to 220 kilometers (138 miles) of range, the MX1 only gets one battery, and as such, will probably be good for just half that range. Whatever model you opt for, it takes about five hours to charge each of the batteries.

On the performance side of the equation, the MX range of electric scooters are powered by a rear hub motor with a continuous output of 4 kilowatts. The motor maxes out at 7 kilowatts, or about 9.4 horsepower and 180 newton-meters (126 pound-feet) of torque, and propels the compact two-wheeler to a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour). 

Other components include a standard telescopic fork, an adjustable rear shock, and 16 and 14-inch wheels at the front and back, respectively. These wheels are shod in city-focused Michelin City Grip 2 rubber. The MX1 and MX2 scooters come to a stop with front and rear disc brakes linked via CBS. Pricing is pretty decent, with the MX1 retailing for 4,990 Euros, or approximately $5,306 USD. The twin-battery MX2, meanwhile, retails for 5,990 Euros, or around $6,370 USD. 

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