Adventure bikes do one thing that dirt bikes don’t—get you to the trail. Though OEMs construct ADVs to handle high-speed highway travel, the requisite heft sacrifices some capability on the trail. Today’s middleweight adventure category may balance those on- and off-road demands most effectively, with twin-powered models rushing to the fore.

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 and KTM 890 Adventure come to mind immediately. YouTube creator Adam Riemann is well-acquainted with the latter model, but his recent project centers on a class mainstay: Yamaha’s Ténéré 700.

The T7’s simplicity, reliability, and capability suit beginners. For that reason, Riemann takes to his ARiemann1 YouTube channel to show new adventure riders the ropes aboard the trusty Ténéré. While ADVs live part of their lives on the tarmac, users can’t apply the same techniques in the dirt.

Riemann makes that clear from the jump, discouraging viewers from leaning into turns. Instead, he instructs riders to remain neutral while manipulating the bike underneath them. That core technique pervades the entire video. Whether Riemann demonstrates a three-point turn, emergency braking, or slaloms through a set of markers that one fundamental keeps him and the bike upright.

That doesn’t mean the expert off-roaders doesn’t show off when the opportunity presents itself, though. From roosting a corner to pulling a dank wheelie over a log, Riemann gets his kicks while kicking some knowledge. To some, the YouTuber’s stunts may seem like showboating, but he indirectly shows the audience that the fundamentals apply to all skill levels.

Should the viewer continue to develop their dirt-riding arsenal, they too will execute such maneuvers with the same ease and alacrity. However, they won’t get there overnight, and staying true to the core building blocks will help them achieve such results. After all, today’s middleweight adventurers are ultra-capable. The question is: do you have the skills to put that capability to full use?

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