Itchy Boots is out and about once again, and this time, her adventures have taken her to Montana and Wyoming in order to conduct some training prior to her trip to Mexico for a rally. 

Aboard her Beta 500 RRS, watch as Noraly blasts through dirt trails and single tracks across hundreds of kilometers, and watch her fumble a little bit and get lost at the same time. Professional rally racers make it look easy, going fast while being able to decipher a roadbook at the same time. 

You will be able to see some of Noraly’s struggles while on her training session, with a total of three stints out on the trails. After all the sessions, it seems that the biggest hurdle that Noraly has to overcome is getting used to the roadbook. 

The first session included an instance of getting a bit lost and a small spill because of soft ground. The second looked like it went off without a hitch, that is until Noraly got lost while trying to decipher the graphic indications on her digital roadbook. In the third session, Noraly found herself going back and forth once again with the road book. It was a lot of back-and-forths and going fast and slow in all three sessions. 

To give Noraly credit, reading the road book, riding, and filming all at the same time is rather tedious and pretty tiring. Still, she managed to complete her training for the day and she even stated in the description of her video that she had “an absolute blast,” and that she is “ready to hit the road and make [her] way down to Mexico for the rally.” 

The bike that Noraly’s on for her next solo adventure is the Beta 500 RRS, which was rented out to her by the organizer of the Rally. She did encounter a few issues that even left her stranded, but while the bike ran she was quoted in her blog post saying that “the Beta was just flying,” and that it was “so easy to handle.” 

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