While temperatures are still frigid in many parts of the northern hemisphere, there is an end in sight to the cold winter months, as spring is anticipated to make its way towards the end of March. I'm sure a lot of you have already taken your bikes out of storage and begun riding them around town, and chances are, you're already thinking of what gear to get when the riding season finally comes around. 

Those of you who are sportbike enthusiasts, either on the street or track, would likely be in need of a fresh pair of gloves for the coming riding season. Luckily, a lot of gear and equipment manufacturers are gearing up to release their spring and summer collections. Dutch company REV'IT! is one of the first to do so, and has just launched the new Apex glove for sportbike riders. Designed for use on both road and track, the Apex features all the protective elements you'd expect to find on a full-gauntlet race glove. 

REV'IT! Apex Sportbike Gloves

For starters, its long cuff design is made predominantly of cowhide and goatskin. Cowhide is used on the top and cuff, where injuries are most prone in the event of a crash. Meanwhile, goatskin, which is much softer and more supple, is used on the palm and fingers for an enhanced tactile response on the controls. Furthermore, the fingers are pre-curved and feature gussets to facilitate range of motion, and eliminate the need for a lengthy break-in period.

As is the case with most track-oriented gloves, the REV'IT! Apex is equipped with a double Velcro fastening system on the cuff, as well as the tightening tab on the wrist for a snug fit. The Apex's main safety arsenal consists of multiple TPU protectors, particularly on the metacarpals, and a protective aluminum shell on the knuckles. There are leather reinforcements on the base of the palm, as well as Temperfoam padding designed to absorb impacts. Thanks to all these features, the REV'IT! Apex is certified PPE level 1 KP according to the EN 13594:2015 standard. 

In typical race glove fashion, the Apex is offered in a variety of sporty graphics in either black/white, black/red, and black/yellow hues. It's offered in sizes ranging from S all the way to 2XL, and carries a retail price of 219.99 Euros, or approximately $236 USD. 

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