When it comes to riding in cold weather, our hands are usually the first to feel the discomfort. This is why it's essential to have a solid pair of thermal riding gloves if you plan on doing any riding during the remaining winter months. To keep your mitts nice and toasty, Dutch gear and equipment manufacturer REV'IT! rounds out its winter collection with the Liberty H2O Heated motorcycle gloves.

The Liberty H2O gloves make use of a smart layering system in order to provide as much heat retention as possible. For starters, it has a layer made of what REV'IT! calls Exkin Platinum. It's essentially an extremely lightweight, non-woven, multi-layer structure that reflects heat downward to the user's hand. Additionally, there's another layer made of PrimaLoft Gold, yet another synthetic insulation solution that provides similar heat retention capabilities as down, but in a smaller, more lightweight construction. 

REV'IT! Presents The Liberty H2O Heated Motorcycle Glove

As for the heating system itself, the Liberty H2O gloves make use of REV'IT!'s Thermotronic heating technology. This provides the user with four different levels of heating that can quickly be adjusted by toggling the controller on the upper side of the glove. The button was designed to be tactile and easy to toggle, so you don't need to remove your gloves when adjusting heat levels. Furthermore, there's an illuminated colored ring around the button, making it easy to check the current heat level in operation. 

Of course, the Liberty H2O is a motorcycle glove, and so it needs to have a lot of protection. On the outside, the gloves are constructed out of a flexible softshell fabric, and leather on the palm of the hand. There's an additional grip patch layer on the palm to provide extra traction on the bars, as well as improved tactile response. On the knuckles, the gloves get a hard-shell protector, while a TPU slider protects the base of the palm in the event of a slide. 

Last but not least, other convenient features include the Connect Finger Tip fabric which allows you to use your touchscreen devices without taking your gloves off. Pricing and availability-wise, REV'IT! offers the Liberty H2O gloves in just one black colorway, and in sizes ranging from S all the way to 3XL. It retails for 269.99 Euros.

REV'IT! Presents The Liberty H2O Heated Motorcycle Glove
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