In January, 2023, aftermarket accessories and suspension specialist Touratech formally introduced its most recent prototype bike build to the world. Seeing the off-road potential of the most recent generation of BMW GS, Touratech decided to coax all the off-road performance it could out of the bike. Thus, the Touratech R 1250 GS RR prototype was born. 

To be clear, it’s a one-off build, and one that Touratech has already proven works well in competition environments. Hard enduro rider and successful Erzbergrodeo finisher Kevin Gallas took this one-of-a-kind machine to the Transitalia Marathon (TIM), and he later reported that “in the off-road area, the front wheel and the road grip were great to assess, and you had great reserves even at high speeds and jumps, as well as on off-road sections and in stone fields.”  

So, what exactly did Touratech do to create this bike? First, it fitted a 21-inch front wheel, using the combination of a high-strength Excel rim with the stock hub. “Since we spoke inwards—as on a Sportenduro—and the nipples had to sit on the rim, we needed special adapters for the hub. That was a lot of work, but the enormous stiffness of the 21-inch front wheel proved us right,” Touratech suspension specialist Lars Würdemann said in a statement. 

Gallery: Touratech R 1250 GS RR

That front wheel was only the beginning, though. To that front wheel, Touratech also added the latest and greatest electronic componentry from its Suspension Plug & Travel EVO range, in the extra-long version for added suspension travel.  

Beyond the suspension, Touratech also outfitted the R 1250 GS RR prototype with adjustable shift and foot brake levers, folding front brake and clutch levers, and also high-strength aluminum Defensa lever protectors.  

In off-road riding, smaller width of the machine can be helpful, particularly if you’re trying to pass through a very narrow place. To that end, Touratech got rid of the stock engine guard, and swapped in some Touratech aluminum valve covers instead. Down underneath the engine, a new, hydroformed aluminum Touratech Rally engine guard takes care of protection closer to the ground. A tinted windscreen and headlight protector both add to the look and also contribute additional functionalities of their own. There’s also an Akrapovič Titan slip-on exhaust, for good measure. 

This prototype was intended as a proof-of-concept build, allowing Touratech to experiment and see what worked best on this machine. While the individual components that the team installed on the GS are immediately available to purchase from Touratech for your own GS, the company has no plans to build any full bikes beyond the one they’ve already completed. That said, it will likely go on to make additional appearances in other places, and at other events.

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