A motorcycle’s stock suspension goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you’re not regularly servicing your OE suspenders, the bike’s ride quality can suffer even more. Luckily, adventure bike supplier Touratech has an assortment of suspension options, including the all-new E1 series serving a wide array of motorcycle models and disciplines.

While the brand’s Travel product range caters to adventure and dual-sport riders and the Black-T offers suspension upgrades for custom applications such as scramblers and retro bikes, the E1 line casts a much broader net. The collection of shocks and replacement springs serve over 400 motorcycle models.

Those looking to spruce up their stock suspension can opt for the replacement monoshock, dual shock, and fork springs. Whether you need a softer spring for extra sag or stiffer coils to keep the rig from bottoming in tough terrain, the E1 series offers various options for road-oriented and dual-purpose motorbikes.

If it’s time for a full upgrade, the rear shock lineup will handle everything that the tarmac and trail can throw at it. Thanks to the 16-millimeter, Chromoly damper rod and robust damper tube, the E1 suspenders quickly dissipate heat for optimal performance in all conditions. The stepless, progressively-wound springs also provide a comfortable ride at cruising speeds while resisting bottoming under a more spirited pace.

Users can further customize the ride quality with a damping dial featuring 50 clicks of adjustment and manually adjustable preload. That versatility delivers a smooth and stable ride without sacrificing the smooth response and durability. The E1 line ranges in price, but Touratech’s European manufacturing and two-year warranty should reassure riders of each product’s quality.

Whether you ride a naked bike, sport-tourer, or adventure bike, the Touratech’s E1 suspension is a great way to keep your older bike on the road.

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