With the development of technology surrounding interactive displays and augmented reality, it makes sense that the logical next step in motorcycle-related tech would involve some sort of heads-up display system. Indeed, in the world of cars, we've seen this in the form of vital driving stats projected onto the car's windshield—but what about motorcycles?

Indeed, there are quite a number of companies that specialize in this tech. Names like Eyelights and Nuviz have made their presence felt in recent years. Another company worth noting is Aegis Rider, whose tech we've talked about earlier in 2022. With a focus on safety, Aegis Rider's tech promises to bring features like braking points, riding lines, and warnings to the table—stuff you'd otherwise see in video games. 

Now, while all these things still seem like a distant reality for the majority of riders around the world, Aegis Rider is looking to bring its tech to market sometime in 2023. In fact, the firm has announced plans of beginning production early in 2023, so as to be able to conduct real-world tests with its novel technology. The company is even reaching out to riders in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria to be test pilots for the heads-up display system. 

In theory, the Aegis Rider heads-up display system is compatible with most full-face motorcycle helmets. The device consists of a removable lens and display, as well as a sensor and control unit mounted on the front of the helmet. The battery that powers the system will subsequently be housed at the back of the helmet. As for features, the HUD system will display the usual ride stats, as well as augmented reality elements to make your ride safer. These include hazard warnings, braking points, and even ride lines in low visibility conditions. 

Last but not least, the HUD system can be personalized according to the preferences of individual users. All this can be done through the dedicated smartphone app which also integrates to GPS navigation, for a fully connected and integrated experience.

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