Although we’re at the beginning of December, 2022, that doesn’t mean the year is completely over. Andrea Tamburini, son of the legendary motorcycle designer and artist Massimo Tamburini, has been hard at work on a very special project that both celebrates his father, and also the 25th anniversary of the MV Agusta F4—which, of course, was one of his dad’s designs. 

Now, at last, the younger Tamburini has unveiled it. It’s called the Tamburini Corse F43 Tributo, and as you may already have guessed, it will be an exclusive, limited-edition motorcycle. Only 25 will ever be built, with five of each to be made in five different colors to complete the run.  

The fairings are, of course, entirely made from carbon fiber. On each of the F43 Tributo machines, that carbon fiber will be lovingly airbrushed by hand to achieve the extremely high level of Tamburini aesthetic perfection. The five colors available will be F43 Mamba, F43 Serie Oro, F43 Tamburini, F43 Veltro, and F43 Viper.  

Gallery: Tamburini Corse F43 Tributo Limited Edition

Massimo Tamburini sadly left the world in 2014, but the fantastic thing about the world’s most beloved designers is that their work remains with us, long after they may have gone. In this case, his son’s tribute once again invites the eyes of the world to appreciate what both father and son have accomplished—as well as, perhaps, to pass the torch to the next generation

If you’ve been following Tamburini on its social media pages, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of hints leading up to this release. Massimo Tamburini’s birthday was November 28, and so, his son Andrea presented the F43 Tributo as a sort of birthday present. For those who are interested in obtaining one, they can reach out to Tamburini Corse via email at, or else at 

Will the Tamburini rear stand pictured in the images of the F43 Tributo released by Tamburini Corse be included if you’re one of the happy few who get their hands on one of these limited-edition machines? Here’s hoping, because even that stand is a rather striking accessory on its own.

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