Although EICMA is probably the biggest moto party happening in Milan right now, it’s far from the only one. Now through November 13, MV Agusta Milan is hosting a special premiere event, where visitors can check out the latest offerings that the team from Varese has to offer.  

From the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro limited edition, to concepts including the Ampelio electric scooter and the Brutale 921S concept, it’s clear that MV wants to show its fans where it’s headed. Although the 921S is presented in a series of renders, the company offered quite a bit of detail about how it envisions this design in its three-dimensional form. 

To be completely clear, MV’s Brian Gillen and Stephen Zache are eager to pay tribute to MV Agusta’s glorious racing history—but not necessarily to recreate it. From the start, the 921S concept design was whittled away with the express intention of not being a modern racing replica. When a company has the kind of history that MV has, there’s a fine line to draw between simply dressing up modern internals in vintage clothes, and completely reinterpreting classic designs for a new age. 

Gallery: MV Agusta 921S Concept Renders

Of course, intention and execution aren’t always the same thing, and design opinions (like all opinions) are largely subjective. Still, it all starts with the heart, which in this case is a redesigned inline four-cylinder engine that makes a claimed 115.5 horsepower at 7,000 rpm, alongside 116.5 newton-meters (or 85.92 pound-feet) of peak torque. Tech revisions include new camshaft profiles, a countershaft to reduce vibration, and improved liquid-cooling efficiency.  

As with the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro, there’s a new front brake cover, which MV says fulfills both stylistic and functional goals, aiding in brake caliper cooling. The instrument panel is a circular, digital touchscreen unit, and the handlebars were “inspired by solutions used in cycling time trials.”  

The tail section, MV says, was designed to be extremely easy to switch from its Alcantara-covered single-seat guise over to a two-seater option, in a swift and uncomplicated manner. LED lighting and unmissable daytime running lights help complete the look—which clearly pays homage to the past, while simultaneously not seeking to repeat it. 

While the 921S is clearly meant as a conceptual compass of sorts for future MV design, so far, the OEM hasn’t given any indication of production plans for this specific machine. If and when that information changes, we will of course be sure to keep you updated.

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