Electric vehicles are often produced and marketed in conjunction with sustainability and environmental awareness. A lot of manufacturers take this further by ensuring as much of their products as possible are sourced and manufactured from a certain place, and in a certain way. We’ve seen this with multiple manufacturers in Europe, such as France’s Mob-Ion, and in India, with Ola Electric’s made-in-india philosophy.

With that, another Indian electric vehicle maker is streamlining business operations to ensure as much of its products as possible are manufactured in India. Hero Electric, one of the up and coming electric two-wheeler brands in India has joined forces with another Indian company, Battrixx, to produce all of its Lithium-Ion battery packs in India. More specifically, Hero Electric’s partnership with Battrixx hopes to usher in newer, safer batteries, something that’s in high demand especially given the rising cases of LEV battery-related fires in India.

Hero Electric Investing $29 Million Towards Ramping Up Production

Apart from safety advancements, the new batteries are expected to offer improved reliability, performance, efficiency, and an overall longer lifespan thanks to increased charging cycles. At present, the target is for Battrixx to supply 300,000 battery packs and chargers in 2023. The new batteries will be compliant with the latest EV battery regulations and are rated IP67. This is one of the highest levels of protection when it comes to EV batteries, and means that the battery is completely protected from dirt and dust ingress. It’s also waterproof, and can supposedly withstand being immersed in water up to one meter.

Given this recent development in battery tech, we can certainly expect a lot of new models to roll out from Hero Electric’s manufacturing facilities as early as 2023. Other Indian manufacturers, most notable of which are Ola Electric and Hero MotoCorp’s EV spinoff Vida, have also been aggressively developing technology around safer, more efficient batteries. Suffice it to say that the stage is set for even faster development of electric two-wheelers in the Indian market.

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