Nearly all electric motorcycles—whether prototype or production model—feature a single-gear drivetrain. That twist-and-go functionality caters to non-riders and beginners, but many diehard motorcyclists embrace the benefits of manual transmissions. After all, dropping a gear to hightail out of a hairy situation or manipulating the power delivery with a short shift isn’t possible without a gearbox.

Indian electric vehicle and technology startup Matter fully understands these transmission tenets, and its four-speed gearbox brings an old-school feel to its brand-new electric motorcycle concept. That drivetrain transfers the 10.5 kW (14.1-horsepower) electric motor’s 383.5 lb-ft of torque to the back wheel and the motor draws all that oomph from a liquid-cooled 5 kWh battery.

To keep that powertrain operating at optimal efficiency, Matter employs a proprietary cooling system. The unit not only pulls heat away from the power pack but cools the rotor and stator in the process.

Matter Electric Motorcycle Concept - Cooling System
Matter Electric Motorcycle Concept - TFT Dash

Matter doesn’t disclose how many miles the liquid-cooled powertrain nets on a single charge. However, the firm's comfortable reporting that the concept recharges in five hours when plugged into a wall socket. Matter claims that the e-motorcycle will also offer fast-charging capabilities, but it hasn’t released additional information on that front.

Riders can keep track of the mileage, range, and charge via a seven-inch TFT panel. That dash includes features such as smartphone connectivity, notifications, music playback, and turn-by-turn navigation.

While Matter hasn’t established a name for its electric concept, the brand plans to manufacture the first run of the production model at its Changodar, Ahmedabad, factory. The 200,000 sq-ft facility’s capacity currently sits at 60,000 units, and the company plans to expand that number to 200,000 units in the near future.

“Out of around 2 crore two-wheelers sold per year in the country, motorbikes comprise about 1.4-1.5 crore units,” claimed Matter Founder and CEO Mohal Lalbhai. “While most other start-ups are focusing on electric scooters, we decided to come up with a geared electric bike. With no other major player in the electric bike segment currently, growth potential in the vertical is immense.”

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