For many of us performance motorcycling enthusiasts, a proper electric sportbike is what many of us have been waiting for in order to fully embrace the electrification of our beloved two-wheelers. While bikes like these well and truly exist thanks to brands like Zero and Energica, motorbikes like the Ego are still well beyond the reach of most average riders' budgets. 

Luckily, manufacturers from Asia are also working on electric platforms geared towards performance. We're seeing it take shape with Kawasaki's electric concepts, as well as several Indian electric two-wheelers like the Ultraviolette. Chinese manufacturers are joining the game, too, with one of China's biggest manufacturers, QJ Motor, unveiling a new electric sportbike geared towards beginners. It's called the RX and it claims to be a 125cc equivalent electric sportbike. Sure, a 125cc machine isn't what we'd associate with performance, but it certainly paves the way for more performance-oriented models in the near future. 

QJ Motor Unveils Beginner-Friendly RX Electric Sportbike At EICMA 2022

QJ Motor Unveils Beginner-Friendly RX Electric Sportbike At EICMA 2022

Now, for those of you unaware, QJ Motor is one of the biggest manufacturers from China, and is responsible for the resurgence of Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli. The company showcased its newest tech at EICMA 2022, where it bedazzled the audience with more than 30 models. One of the bikes that caught my attention was the RX electric sportbike, a model that the company had been teasing for nearly a year now. 

From a styling perspective, the RX takes on the styling cues of modern day sportbikes with angular bodywork and an athletic stance. Considering that it's meant to be a beginner focused sportbike, it appears that the bike has some pretty committed ergonomics such as a set of low-slung clip-on bars and aggressive rear-set foot pegs. Furthermore, QJ Motor has given the bike a premium touch with LED lights all around and a full-color TFT display. 

As for performance, we're looking at a centrally-mounted electric motor that sends power to the rear wheel via a chain final drive. It pumps out a max output of five kilowatts, which is equivalent to about 6.7 horsepower. This rudimentary powertrain propels this little electric sportbike to a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour, or 62 miles per hour. As for the battery providing range, it's a 72V, 60Ah lithium-ion battery pack which claims a respectable range o f 120 kilometers on a single charge, or around 75 miles. Charging time takes around four-and-a-half hours. 

QJ Motor has not released any information regarding pricing or availability just yet. However, we can expect the electric sportbike to make itself available in the European market by 2023.

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