EICMA 2022 is full of familiar faces, as well as newcomers—including Chinese startup Davinci Motor. After seven years of hard work, it unveiled its first production model in 2021, the all-electric DC100. Housed inside a design that looks like nothing else are a ton of sensors which allow the DC100 to offer an array of driving assistance to riders, including hill assist, automated engine braking, a reverse gear, traction control, and more. 

Upon its initial launch, bookings were limited to the Chinese market. However, as of EICMA 2022, Davinci is pleased to announce its official entry into the European market with the DC100. On paper, the specs look impressive—but as with any and every OEM, companies can say what they like in their documents, regardless of whether future real-world tests concur. 

Some claims include: a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour (or 124.27 mph), zero to 100 kph (62mph) time of three seconds, peak power of 100 kilowatts (or about 134 horsepower), peak torque of 850 newton-meters (626.9 pound-feet), and DC fast charging time of about 30 minutes. Although the company doesn’t give many details about its electric motor or battery, it does mention that the latter is a 17.7kWh unit. 

Gallery: Davinci DC100

Suspension consists of a Bitubo RCH02 front end, and Bitubo XZE21V2 in the rear. Other top-grade componentry includes Brembo Stylema brake calipers and 330mm front brake discs, as well as Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires on the DC100’s 17-inch wheels. ABS is standard, and the seat height is adjustable between a range of 795mm and 815mm.  

Curb weight is listed at 255 kilograms, or a very hefty 562 pounds. That’s especially interesting given the one-piece aluminum alloy chassis and carbon fiber composite shell involved in the DC100’s design—but then, current battery technology means you can’t have extended range without weight, so there’s always an element of compromise involved. 

Davinci says that it’s taking pre-sale orders for the DC100 in Europe, at a cost of 26,000 Euros (about $26,893 as of November 11, 2022). Deposits (in an unspecified amount) are required for these pre-orders, and deliveries are expected to take place sometime in the second or third quarter of 2023. While the company doesn’t presently have a showroom and/or hub located in Europe, it’s currently in the process of opening both those things up in the not-too-distant future, it says. 

What about the DC100 Classic, which the company recently unveiled in China in September, 2022? It’s essentially a naked version of the DC100, but is otherwise fairly similar. It’s unclear when or if the DC100 Classic might follow the DC100 to a European release, but presumably that depends on how well the DC100 gets on in its newest market.

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