Exotic Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota is no stranger to striking and eye-catching two-wheelers. We recently got the chance to get up close and personal with the Tesi H2, and now, in EICMA 2022, the Bimota has stunned the off-road community with a new enduro model called the BX450. 

For those unaware, Bimota was basically brought back to life by Kawasaki, who purchased a 49.9-percent stake in the company. As such, it isn't surprising that Bimota's new models such as the KB4 and Tesi H2 are equipped with technology from the Japanese manufacturer. The case is true for the BX450, as well, which is based off the Kawasaki KX450X. As such, the BX450 is powered by a 449cc DOHC, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, just like that of its green half-sibling. Power is sent to the rear wheel via a constant-mesh five-speed gearbox. 

BImota Introduces The BX450 Enduro At EICMA 2022

Components-wise, you're looking at the same aluminum perimeter frame as the KX450X, as well as an electronic engine management system. This allows the rider to select multiple riding modes, as well as toggle the bike's traction control system according to their preferences. Overall, the Bimota BX450 is a pretty lightweight machine tipping the scales at just 110.2 kilograms. 

A few defining factors differentiate the BX450 from the Kawasaki KX450X. Of course, there's the white, green, and red colorway, but there's also a restyled headlight and handguards. Furthermore, it seems that the BX450 could also be outfitted for rally riding thanks to its larger 10.7-liter fuel tank, as against the Kawasaki's 6.2-liter tank. Additionally, the BX450 features 49-millimeter inverted forks and a rear monoshock with 305 and 307 millimeters of wheel travel respectively. 

Last but not least, the Bimota BX450 features a bunch of race-spec components such as the Metzeler Six Days enduro tires. Thanks to the bike's suspension set up, it has 335 millimeters of ground clearance, allowing it to traverse the most technical of courses with ease. Bimota has also thrown in a fancy Arrow exhaust system complete with a carbon end cap and the Bimota logo engraved on the side.

Gallery: BImota Introduces The BX450 Enduro At EICMA 2022

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