When out touring, it’s always best to be prepared for all sorts of weather. Some of the most arduous of riders were never even phased by the thought of a cold, frigid ride, and chances are their riding gear is one of the biggest reasons why this is the case. Indeed, a good set of gear will indeed cost a pretty penny, but at least you get to hit the road in all weather conditions and stay warm and dry in the process.

This is what Dutch gear manufacturer REV’IT! hopes to achieve with its newest touring combo, the Horizon 3 H2O. With the hefty claim of being a year-round set of touring gear, the Horizon 3 H2O comes in both jacket and pants form, and is capable of being adjusted to suit all sorts of weather. For starters, The jacket has a 420 denier double-layer shell that is waterproof and ventilated with a hydratex Lite membrane, which is laminated with two vertical exhausts on the back and two mesh sections on the chest. Additionally, the jacket's upper back vents and VCS Aquadefence panels in the torso enable cool air to pass through.

REV’IT! Introduces The New Horizon 3 H2O Waterproof Touring Range

These vents may be closed to keep cold air out as the temperature drops. When paired with the thermal lining, you have yourself a warm jacket for colder weather. In addition to being weather-resistant, REV'IT!'s Horizon 3 H2O is designed to provide the most comfort and functionality possible. The magnetic fasteners that enable the vents to be opened and closed with one hand, even while wearing gloves, are a nice illustration of this. Both the jackets and the pants have these functional flaps. The Horizon 3 H2O pants include many pockets for increased convenience, including two exterior pockets with flaps to protect your possessions.

Regarding safety, REV'IT! adds all of its newest safety technology. The shoulders and knees of the jacket and pants have CE approval. With CE-level 1 chest protection and a SEESOFT CE-level 2 back insert, SEEFLEX CE-level 2 armor at the shoulders and elbows significantly strengthens upper body protection. Both CE-level 2 adjustable SEEFLEX knee protection and ultra-thin SEESMART hip protectors are included in the trousers. The Horizon 3 H2O is a high-end piece of equipment overall, as seen by its pricing. The price of the jacket is 440 Euros, or roughly $433 USD, while the price of the pants is 300 Euros, or roughly $295 USD.

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