I’m sure all of you would agree, that among the big four Japanese manufacturers, Suzuki is one of the least exciting in terms of its new and inventive models. No, I’m not hating on Suzuki at all, in fact, I really like their bikes. But hey, despite a good number of its models sporting engines more than a decade old, this hasn’t stopped the company from at least rolling out limited edition models of certain bikes.

In Torino in September, Suzuki released the GP Edition of the Hayabusa, this time around, it’s releasing a limited-edition Bol d’Or version in the French market. Limited to just 100 examples, the Bol d’Or edition stands out thanks to a few key elements that make this already ludicrously powerful machine even more special. For starters, it features an Akrapovic exhaust system that significantly adds to the riding experience thanks to the enhanced sound. It also gets a larger racing windscreen that adds some extra wind protection when ridden at full tuck.

The race-oriented cosmetic upgrades continue at the back of the bike, too, with a sporty seat cowl covering the pillion seat. It also gets a flatter, sportier saddle, a brake and clutch lever upgrade, and a shortened tail. On the engine, carbon fiber goodies serve as the crankcase protectors, while anodized hardware adorns various sections of the bike. We also find an SERT Factory Workshop aluminum number plate authenticating the rarity of each of the 100 units to be rolled out. Last but not least, soon-to-be owners of this limited edition model will get a free Hayabusa rug to park this behemoth of a sportbike on top of.

The Bol d’Or, an iconic 24-hour motorcycle endurance racing event held in France, recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. Suzuki, among the likes of Honda and Yamaha, has quite an impressive track record in the EWC, and so it deemed it fit to release a limited edition Hayabusa commemorating the iconic race. All these goodies indeed make for a Hayabusa that’s more than worthy of a second glance. It does, however, come at a price, and you’ll be looking at a 27,499-Euro (approximately $28,000 USD) price tag. The limited edition bike is already available for order on Suzuki Smart Buy online platform in France.

Suzuki Unveils Limited Edition Hayabusa Bol d’Or In France
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