Imagine a motorcycle chain that needs virtually no maintenance. I’m sure those with shaft or belt-driven bikes are scoffing right now. However, it’s a fact that a large chunk of motorcycles in the market are driven by a good old chain. Needless to say, one look at a poorly maintained chain is probably enough to make any seasoned motorcyclist wince. However, this new chain could just be a revolutionary product, as it requires zero maintenance.

Italian chain specialist Regina claims that it has found the solution to tedious chain maintenance by taking it out of the equation completely with its Z-Ring HPE chain. First introduced in 2021 in a 525 size, the company has rolled out a new 520 version of the Z-Ring HPE, making it accessible to folks with smaller sportbikes and naked bikes. So, how exactly does the Z-Ring HPE work? Well, for starters, Regina makes use of a proprietary Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coating, which is an extremely smooth coating, eliminating a huge amount of friction, while at the same time protecting the metal from rust and corrosion.

Say Goodbye To Chain Lube With Regina’s New Z-Ring HPE 520 Chain

The chain's unique technology reduces the mess of chain lube splashing around when riding, in addition to enhancing efficiency and lifespan. Naturally, this kind of technology is rather expensive. Back when the Z-Ring HPE launched in 2021, it carried a retail price of no less than 270 Euros (around $266 USD), depending on your make and model. That said, according to Regina, the company will be selling the 520 chain at a much more affordable price thanks to economies of scale achieved by the success of the first released 525 chain.

At present, Regina has yet to release pricing for the Z-Ring HPE 520 chain. However, it’s expected to be available starting in November, 2022. It’s probably worth noting, however, that despite the chain being a supposedly maintenance-free chain, it may still be a good idea to make sure it’s clean, as well as to inspect the chain tension and make sure it’s within spec every few hundred miles or so. It’ll also probably go a long way in making sure this fancy Italian chain lasts longer, too, so you get the most bang for your buck.

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