Tromox, a Chinese electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has made its debut in the French market under the Volt Group, and is now offering its Ukko S electric naked bike in the country. The Ukko first made its debut in September, 2021, with the manufacturer hoping to release the model in the U.S. market by 2022. Well, 2022 is well and truly here, but it doesn’t look like the brand has made its way to the U.S., at least officially.

It’s a different story in Europe, though, as demand for small capacity electric vehicles is picking up at a rather rapid pace. It comes as no surprise that an electric motorbike designed to offer a fun and exciting ride, while being practical at the same time, would capture the attention of a lot of riders. The Tromox Ukko S is exactly that. It’s sort of an electric reincarnation of the Honda Grom, sporting similar dimensions and performance, but without the fuel-sipping single-cylinder engine. The little naked bike has just entered the French market under the Volt Group, and the Ukko S has stirred quite a lot of interest.

The Tromox Ukko Is A Quirky 60-Mile-Per-Hour Mini E-Bike

For starters, it’s clear that Tromox sets itself apart from the majority of budget-oriented electric two-wheelers already in the market. While entry-level electrics would be packing a hub motor, the Ukko S takes on the form of a traditional motorbike with a mid-mounted electric motor and a belt final-drive. Performance-wise, its electric motor can dish out a nominal output of 4 kW, or approximately 5.36 horsepower. Peak power is at 7 kW, or around 9.4 horsepower, allowing the Ukko S to hit a top speed of 62 miles per hour. This puts it in the same category as a 125cc gas-powered machine, and so it’s the perfect beginner bike for A1 license holders.

Performance aside, the Tromox Ukko S boasts a pretty impressive design. So much so that it has received the 2022 iF Design Award, one of the most distinguished awards in the field of design. Indeed, its underpinnings are rather impressive, with a steel frame, inverted front forks, and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock all coming as standard equipment. Furthermore, the bike is fitted with front and rear disc brakes complete with ABS. The entire setup is considerably lightweight, especially given the fact that it’s fully electric—at just 110 kilograms.

As for pricing and availability, all this technology has resulted in the Ukko S occupying the upper echelon of the price bracket when it comes to entry-level electric two-wheelers. It retails for 6,490 Euros, which translates to the equivalent of $6,313 USD.

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