Ola Electric is a company that’s been making waves all over the world, despite being only available in India. In its home country, Ola has ushered in an electric revolution for the masses, allowing thousands of commuters to forego their fuel-consuming scooters and mopeds in favor of an affordable, more economical electric scooter.

The company started out with the top-range S1 Pro, and not long after introduced the more affordable S1, which retails for the equivalent of just $1,200 USD. That said, Ola has no plans of slowing down, and is expected to launch an even more affordable version of the S1 scooter in time for Diwali, or the Hindu Festival of Lights, the most celebrated festival in India.

Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has been known to drop a lot of teasers surrounding his company’s next moves. Very active on social media, Aggarwal frequently engages with fans and followers, eagerly building anticipation for what he has in store for Indian motorists. In a recent tweet, he stated that Ola Electric could have a trick up its sleeve in time for the holidays. On top of that, the brand has been pushing a new hashtag on social media—#EndICEAge, with ICE obviously referring to internal combustion engines.

We already know that Ola Electric has plans of branching out into the premium segment, and even the world of electric cars. With the Ola S1 Pro and S1 occupying the mid-market segment, it’s highly speculated that Ola will release an even cheaper electric scooter, allowing young riders, and commuters with tight budgets to make the electric shift with ease. Unsurprisingly, the company has India’s best-selling scooter in its crosshairs, the Honda Activa. Although powered by a gas engine, the Activa is extremely affordable, retailing for the equivalent of just $874 USD, and has unsurprisingly amassed a ton of sales over the years.

Ola Electric Caters To Budget-Focused Commuters With Base S1 Scooter

Now, should Ola Electric be able to release some base model iteration of the S1 scooter priced similarly as the Honda Activa, the brand would surely have a winner, as any electric scooter is pretty much guaranteed to have lower running costs than a gas-powered scooter. Of course, it’s expected that the base model S1 will have a smaller motor, shorter range, and possibly lack some of the techie features found in its bigger siblings. Having said that, nothing is yet set in stone, so we’ll have to wait and see just what Ola has in store for us.

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