India has long been a pioneer in the electric mobility scene, especially in Asia. The country is a melting pot of innovation when it comes to affordable, utility-focused EVs, however, in more recent times, it has begun showing some muscle in the performance-oriented sector, with machines like the Ultraviolette F77 coming to the spotlight.

While tech from Indian EV companies is still far behind that of the likes of Energica and even Zero, they manage to sell their vehicles for much lower prices. That said, technology in the country continues advancing, and soon, we could see the very first liquid-cooled electric motor from Ahmedabad-based EV startup Matter Energy. While the company has yet to disclose vital information such as performance figures, as well as the type of motorcycle we can expect to find the motor in, it did announce that it will launch the electric motorcycle by November, 2022.

Matter Energy Developing India’s First Liquid-Cooled Electric Motorcycle

What we do know is that the Matter Drive 1.0, the name it’s giving its electric motor, is a liquid-cooled radial flux electric motor. When mated to Matter Energy’s proprietary Dual Mode converter, the powertrain should be capable of significantly greater performance than that of conventional electric motors. Thanks to its liquid-cooling feature, the motor should also be harder wearing, and in turn, be able to hold a charge much longer, especially if the battery is part of the components that will be cooled.

Matter Energy Developing India’s First Liquid-Cooled Electric Motorcycle

Additionally, the technology used for Matter’s liquid-cooling system allows individual parts to be cooled, meaning the cooling system can be optimized for maximum performance, and be put into use only where it’s needed most. As for the Dual Mode converter, it’s essentially a device that allows the battery to be charged via single-phase or three-phase AC power. According to Matter Energy, this makes the EV more efficient and increases the battery’s energy density, while keeping costs at bay.

It’s also worth noting that Matter Energy is presently working on proprietary drivetrains, battery packs, fast-chargers, controllers, and other techie doodads we can expect to find on its upcoming electric motorcycle. That said, it’s probably best to keep your eyes peeled on updates surrounding this new EV, as Matter Energy claims it’s the first of its kind to come from India.

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