LML, or Lohia Machinery Limited, is back in the Indian market with a focus on electric two-wheelers. The company was forced to shut down in 2017 following its inability to resolve insolvency issues. Well, fast-forward half-a-decade later, and it seems that the scooter maker is back. The Moonshot electric moped, the Orion e-bicycle, and the Star e-scooter are three brand-new electric designs by LML.

Expected to launch to the public in the second half of 2023, LML’s new electric vehicles enter at the opportune moment, wherein electric mobility is rapidly gaining popularity, not just in India, but across Asia and Europe, too. To begin with, the LML Moonshot is a pedal-assisted electric bike. As for styling, the Moonshot looks kinda like a supermoto with pedals sticking out from the sides. The front of the belly part houses the battery, which LML claims is removable, and the two-wheeler packs a compact hub motor. The Moonshot has two power modes, Surge and City, with a top speed of 44 miles per hour.

LML Re-Enters The Indian Market With Three New Electric Two-Wheelers

LML Moonshot Electric Moped

Up next is the LML Star electric scooter. It gets a flat floorboard and maxi-scooter styling, so maybe it'll go up against the likes of the Ola S1 and Ather 450X. Mechanically speaking, we see a mid-mounted motor that drives the back wheel via a belt drive system. The Star's suspension system will consist of a telescopic fork and a monoshock, and it will roll on alloy wheels. It is possible to see the front disc brake, and although it is not quite obvious, it appears that a rear disc brake is also present. As such, chances are the scooter will come with regen-braking and maybe even ABS.

LML Re-Enters The Indian Market With Three New Electric Two-Wheelers

LML Star Electric Scooter

The Orion is LML's e-bike featuring a pedal assist system and an integrated IP67-rated battery pack built into its hydroformed alloy frame. Here, the integrated GPS for onboard navigation is a special feature, setting it apart from conventional e-bikes available in the market. Electric bicycles are growing rapidly across Europe and Asia, with more and more commuters ditching their cars in favor of these practical, lightweight, affordable machines. That said, it won’t be all too surprising if the Orion would in fact turn out to be LML’s best-selling model.

LML Re-Enters The Indian Market With Three New Electric Two-Wheelers

LML Orion E-Bike

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