Electric motorcycle critics commonly point to range and recharge rates as obstacles to mass adoption, but another factor deters many would-be EV adopters—price. Due to development costs and cutting-edge technologies, electric motorcycles typically carry hefty MSRPs. Sur-Ron's new Storm Bee F aims to be the exception to that rule.

Retailing for $8,499, the electric dirt bike competes directly with many 250cc motocrossers. The model’s liquid-cooled, brushless electric motor offers 22.5 kW (30 horsepower) and 383 lb-ft of peak torque. At 31 mph, the Storm Bee F’s 104V/55Ah lithium-ion battery lasts up to 75 miles and a 120-volt wall outlet recharges the power pack in just four hours.

Gallery: 2023 Sur-Ron Storm Bee F

The 280-pound dirt bike’s top speed clocks in at 68 mph, more than enough for the track or the trail. To handle all obstacles and landings, the compression- and rebound-adjustable 47 mm inverted fork and fully-adjustable monoshock offer 11.4 inches of travel. Paired with a 21-inch/18-inch wheelset, those long legs bolster Storm Bee’s ground clearance to 12.2 inches, but also jack the seat height up to 37 inches.

Despite the model’s budget-friendly price, the Chinese firm doesn’t skimp on tech. The Eco and Rain modes preserve power in the name of efficiency and traction, while the Sport and Turbo go full send. Luckily, Sur-Ron's Acceleration Slip Reduction (traction control) prioritizes purchase and the Brake Energy Regenerative System (BERS) recovers energy under braking. The Storm Bee even features a reverse mode when riders find themselves in sticky situations.

An LCD digital dash does the job without any unnecessary frills while a USB-2.1A outlet allows riders to charge devices on the go. Exclusive to the North American market, Sur-Ron includes an interchangeable headlight and number plate for part-time racers and trail explorers.

During the promotional preorder period (lasting until Oct. 31, 2022), the first 100 customers that place a $500 deposit on a Storm Bee will receive free priority delivery and a gift pack worth $200. No, electric motorcycles aren’t cheap, but Sur-Ron's electric dirt bike is certainly a step in the right direction.

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