Stark Future is a mobility startup founded in 2019. The company, located just outside of Barcelona, has Swedish roots, and is run by CEO and co-founder Anton Wass. The company has recently presented its most radical product yet, the Varg—which translates to Strong Wolf is Swedish. The Stark Varg presents itself as the future of motocross bikes, and is a clear indication of just how much electric powertrains have advanced in recent years.

The Stark Varg Is A Powerful All-Electric Motocross Bike

Apart from sporting unmistakable motocross styling, the Varg comes equipped with an extremely potent electric motor capable of churning out a maximum output of 80 horsepower. Apart from that, it’s run by a sophisticated electronics system which offers customizable power modes that can deliver performance similar to a 125cc two-stroke, all the way to a 650cc four-stroke machine. It even offers users the ability to fine tune engine settings such as power curve, engine-braking, traction control, and even virtual flywheel weight for tuning throttle response.

Apart from the cutting-edge electric motor, it follows the same basic formula of a standard MX bike. However, certain things surrounding the chassis were tweaked to reduce weight and increase rigidity. The frame is composed of a combination of carbon-fiber, magnesium, and aerospace grade aluminum. The heaviest part of the bike, the battery, weighs 32 kilograms, and is housed in this robust chassis. Stark claims that the entire bike tips the scales at just 110 kilograms, thanks to this revolutionary setup.

The Stark Varg Is A Powerful All-Electric Motocross Bike

Furthermore, Stark claims that the battery, a 6 kWh lithium-ion unit, is capable of providing riding range similar to that of a 450cc motocrosser. That means six hours of trail riding, or the equivalent of a full MXGP race at full speed. Even better still is the claimed recharge time of one to two hours. Stark states that it looks to sell the Varg in Europe and Australia very soon. Pricing is expected to be pegged at 11,900 Euros, which translates to $13,447 USD—quite the pricey piece of machinery, but thoroughly impressive, nonetheless.

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