As a kid, and even until now, I’ve always had a fondness for stickers. Don’t worry, though, I never got into the art of sticker-bombing my cars and motorbikes. However, outside of motorcycling, I very much enjoy journaling and collecting all sorts of cool stickers and stationery. As such, this new MotoGP sticker kit from an Italian collectibles company called Panini immediately caught my eye.

The MotoGP-themed sticker album could very well be the perfect gift for a friend of yours who’s into motorbike racing, or perhaps, a fine addition to your MotoGP souvenir collection if you’re something of an enthusiast yourself. The sticker album is pretty comprehensive, with a total of 240 stickers, including 48 special edition stickers. It centers around the racers and bikes of the 2022 season, so expect to find the latest liveries and racing suits of your favorite racers in the collection.

Holiday Gift Idea: Panini’s 2022 MotoGP Sticker Collection

Apart from centering on the shenanigans of the 2022 season, the sticker album also highlights historic moments in the MotoGP World Championship, with stickers paying tribute to the likes of Valentino Rossi and Freddie Spencer. On top of that, information on all the circuits the racing series visited this season can be found in the album, as well as pages dedicated to top racers such as Fabio Quartararo, Marc Marquez, Pecco Bagnaia, and Jack Miller. Fans of these racers will be delighted to find detailed stickers of their helmets, racing number, as well as the rider in action.

The sticker kits are available in a variety of packages with the starter pack consisting of four pockets of five stickers retailing for 3.95 Euros ($3.84 USD). A package of ten pouches is also available for 10 Euros, or approximately $9.73 USD, while the entire collection can be purchased outright in a box of 36 pouches for 36 Euros, or around $35.02 USD. Apart from Panini’s latest MotoGP sticker collection, the company also sells a variety of other stickers from a bunch of other sports, movies, TV shows, and pop-culture icons. A link to Panini’s website can be found below.

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